Thursday, May 14, 2009

Speed Up

So want to modify your Hayabusa?
What follows is your wish list.

You can't just own it. You can't just leave it be.
It sits there and stares back at you. And the longer you do that,
the more it speaks to you. Could change this. Tweak that. Modify this.
Add a bit of this. Make this a lil better. That's typically how it starts.
So what follows is my story. I started compiling a list of mods
before I even bought my Hayabusa.

This webpage has slowly grown through the years as the miles
continue to accumulate. I use this bike only to travel and lead guided
tours of California with my tour company- Pashnit Motorcycle Tours.
I expect to ride through 80,000 miles this year on the Pashnit Hayabusa.
Below are the products A-Z that I've used in my travels.

Note that a lot of these mods and products you can now purchase through
the Pashnit Moto store. Additional busa products can be found in the all
new Pashnit Busa Store.

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