Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Suzuki Hayabusa Performance Statistics

Fuel consumption :
City 5.6 litres (Premium) per 100kmsHighway 5.1 litres (Premium) per 100kmsHighway 5.4 litres (Premium) @ 160kph per 100kmsCity 6.2 litres (Standard) per 100kmsRace - ??? These readings where taken from the onboard fuel computer.Best ever record to date is 5.0 lts per 100k's on 19/6/2000Variable speed @ variable throttle but never full throttleat stead 160kph using premium Unleaded 94+Standard unleaded petrolNo Choke starts - this is the tropics !Light throttle.Fresh fuel.Recently serviced.Figures recorded by myself in 2000 dry 27-32 degrees centigrade - but humid conditions.Normal cruising range about 350km-400km per tank, using top gear as much as possible.* All measurements are litres consumed per 100kms.
1st Gear : 2nd Gear : 3rd Gear : 4th Gear : 5th Gear : 6th Gear :
135 Kph185 Kph230 Kph275 Kph305 Kph??? Kph
Performance :

These figures are as tested by various publications over the years.Of course everyone knows the Suzuki claims 300kph plus or 200mph.400m takes 10ish seconds (All tests I've read are between 9.4 and 10.4 seconds)Speed at 400m 235kph (All test I've read are between 232 and 238km)0-100 takes 3 seconds (All tests I've read hover between 3 and 3.5 seconds)Top speed : at least 300kph (All test I've read hover between 291 and 317kph in varying conditions)60 - 120km Hayabusa 4.9 secs 60 - 120km Blackbird 6.1 secs 60 - 120km GSX-R 6.8 secs 60 - 120km ZZ-R1100 7.2 secs (Australian Performance Streetbike magazine)(Buy the mag and read the article, its one of the better ones.)0-200kph takes about 7.6 secs
Claimed power :175bhp at 9800 rpm at the crank - 1999 stock version no mods.Tests average :157bhp at back wheel - 1999 stock version no mods.There are now heaps of performance enhancements which show that with appropriate mods 200 reliable bhp is although expensive relatively easy to achieve.
Top Speed : Claimed top speed is at least 200 MPH or about 321KPH for 1999 models.Top speed is at least 189 MPH for late 2000 and 2001 models onwards.Top Speed as measured by the Guinness Book of Records 2000 & 2004 edition is 317KPH
The Hayabusa has double the BHP and torque compared to the CBR600. The CBR600 needs to rev to 10,000 rpm to generate the same power as the Hayabusa at 5,500 RPMThe Hayabusa produces 20-25bhp more than the R1 at any given speed.Information based on a large number or articles written here and overseas.And Yes I'll be dyno testing my own bike within the year.Due to the unavailability of a Dyno Machine where I live I am unable to dyno my own machine.

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